Print on demand (POD) is simply a method of book production used as an alternative to, and increasingly in conjunction with the more traditional offset printing methods. Print on demand books are stored electronically and individually printed as they are ordered. Because print on demand books can be produced quickly and inexpensively, with little discernible difference in appearance from that of the offset printed book, its use has gained wide acceptance among publishers and self publishing authors.

Both methods have their uses and determining which way to go should realistically depend more on your individual needs than anything else. Offset printing your book in large quantities has a definite “economy of scale” advantage that typically results in a much lower per book cost. The larger your print run, the larger your aggregate benefits. Those benefits usually come at a higher upfront cost though, because you’ll need to place an initial order for 500+ books to justify the initial set-up costs, and of course, you’ll need storage facilities for all those books and the means to fulfill book orders. Once you’ve established suitable demand for your book and can justify the investment, there’s no doubt that this is the road to greater profits.

For many authors it makes a great deal of sense to initially publish their book “on demand”. By first publishing it this way, your upfront costs are minimal and you can inexpensively “test market” your book to a large audience and then easily make modifications to your manuscript or book cover based upon those results. Your efforts will not go to waste. Once you have established a track record with your book and have essentially “optimized” your book with only a few modifications, you can then initiate a large offset print run, more confident in the results.

If you can work it into your budget, there’s no question that its money well spent to have a professional design your cover for you. While our templates will provide you with an acceptable appearance for your book, it’s difficult to make a unique statement or capture the “feel” of your book with a general purpose template.

Aventine Press generally prices books we publish based on finished page count; however, we will consider cover pricing requests to accommodate special situations whenever possible. Our pricing reflects printing costs, the authors’ royalty and takes the booksellers trade discount into consideration.

Note: Some companies short discounts to booksellers to artificially “inflate” author royalties. We strongly discourage this practice. Our list prices reflect the customary 55% trade discount.

total page count approximates cover price cover price
108 – 200 pages 30,000-56,000 $10.95 – $12.95 $22.95 – $25.95
204 – 300 pages 56,000-80,000 $13.95 – $16.95 $26.95 – $28.95
304 – 400 pages 80,000-110,000 $17.95 – $20.95 $29.95 – $31.95
404 – 500 pages 110,000-140,000 $21.95 – $23.95 $32.95 – $35.95

Aventine Press can process books with a total page count of 108 or more (roughly 30,000 words or more).

Authors may purchase copies of their own title, in any quantity directly from Aventine Press, at the current printing cost plus 13%, plus the actual shipping and handling charges. Note: Printing prices are subject to change as market conditions and costs warrant.

Authors may purchase copies of their own title in quantities of 1 to 99 copies to qualify for a 10% printing discount, quantities of 100 to 150 copies to qualify for a discount of 15%, quantities of 151 to 499 copies to qualify for a discount of 25%, quantities of 500 to 999 copies to qualify for a discount of 35%, quantities of 1,000 to 1,499 copies to qualify for a discount of 40% or quantities of 1,500 copies and up for a discount of 45%.

Use our quick print cost calculator:

Our layout, design and formatting process is fastest among book publishing companies. In most cases, your book could be published in 3 months.

Your paperback and hardcover royalties are 80% of the payments we actually receive from sales of printed copies of your book. The payments we receive are equal to the cover price, less trade (wholesale) discount, less the single-copy printing cost (this is the profit margin of the transaction). Royalties are distributed by mail, twice a year. No royalty will be paid on author purchases.

Example: A reader purchases a copy of your 160 page book at Amazon.com – The cover price of your book is $12.95; subtract Amazon’s 55% trade discount ($7.12) then subtract the printing cost ($3.30), the remainder ($2.53) is the profit margin, 80% of which ($2.02) is the royalty paid to you.

To arrive at your books single-copy printing cost, simply multiply $0.0165 by the number of pages in your book. Then add the color cover printing & binding charge ($0.90 for paperback or $7.55 for hard cover).

Use our royalty calculator:

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