This author publishing agreement is between you (“the Author”) and Aventine Press (“Aventine Press” or “Publisher”), for your book (“Work”).

Author’s Royalties, Book Pricing & Author Discounts

80% of the payments we receive from all sales of the paperback and hardcover copies of your books are paid to you in royalties. We receive payments equal to the cover price, minus the trade (wholesale) discount and the single-copy printing cost (this is the profit margin of the transaction). Royalties are distributed by mail twice a year. No royalty will be paid on author purchases.

Here’s a quick example of how this works:

  1. A reader purchases a copy of your 160 page book at – The cover price of your book is $12.95;
  2. Subtract Amazon’s 55% trade discount – $7.12
  3. Subtract the printing cost –$3.30
  4. The remainder is the profit margin –  $2.53
  5. 80% of this profit margin is the royalty paid to you – $2.02

To arrive at your book’s single-copy printing cost, simply:

  1. Multiply $0.0165 by the number of pages in your book
  2. Add the color cover printing & binding charge ($0.90 for paperback or $7.55 for hard cover).

Authors may purchase copies of their own title, in any quantity directly from Aventine Press, at the current printing cost plus 13% and the shipping and handling charges.

Authors may purchase copies of their own title in quantities of:

  • 1 to 99 copies to qualify for a 10% printing discount
  • 100 to 150 copies to qualify for a discount of 15%
  • 151 to 499 copies to qualify for a discount of 25%
  • 500 to 999 copies to qualify for a discount of 35%
  • 1,000 to 1,499 copies to qualify for a discount of 40%
  • 1,500 copies and up for a discount of 45%.

Note: Printing prices are subject to change as market conditions and costs warrant.

Aventine Press prices books based on finished page count, however, we will consider special cover pricing requests to accommodate special situations whenever possible.

total page countapproximatescover pricecover price
108 – 200 pages30,000-56,000$10.95 – $12.95$22.95 – $25.95
204 – 300 pages56,000-80,000$13.95 – $16.95$26.95 – $28.95
304 – 400 pages80,000-110,000$17.95 – $20.95$29.95 – $31.95
404 – 500 pages110,000-140,000$21.95 – $23.95$32.95 – $35.95

Distribution Services and Fees

We offer both Short-Run and Full Market Distribution services. Short-Run distribution is free, but books are not digitally cataloged or marketed through participating retailers.  However, all titles are available for order direct from the publisher. Full Market Distribution includes annual distribution and digital cataloging and requires a $50 annual fee. This fee is waived for the first year at initial set up. However, this fee will be charged each year thereafter for any title set up to be ordered through the distribution channels. The digital catalog provides standardized BISAC subject coding (required for any title set up for distribution) with up to three subject categories, detailed title listings in all daily catalogs provided through Ingram, Baker & Taylor,, Amazon UK, Whitakers/Bookdata, Gardners, etc.


The Author represents that he or she is the sole author of the Work and is the owner of the copyright to all of its contents; that he or she has not engaged in plagiarism and that the Work, if fiction, represents no real event or person(s) that could in any way be deemed libelous and that, if nonfiction, does not misstate or omit any fact which would libel any person(s) or result in a person(s) being placed in a false or damaging light; and that the Work does not infringe the copyright, trademark or privacy of any third party; and that he or she is owner of any trademarks and/or trade names associated with the Work; that the Work does not constitute obscenity or hate literature and that the author has the right to enter into this Agreement.

The Rights to Your Work

The Author acknowledges and agrees that Aventine Press acquires no right of ownership to the Work under this Agreement; that Aventine Press is a provider of limited services only and assumes no responsibility for reviewing or correcting the content of the Work.


The Author agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Aventine Press, its employees, shareholders, directors, partners, representatives, successors and assigns of, from any and all manner of claims, liabilities, damages, losses, expenses (including attorney’s fees), awards, and judgments resulting from claims of third parties regarding ownership, libel, slander, plagiarism, privacy violations, copyright infringement, misappropriation, and similar claims arising from publication of the Work. Aventine Press may be represented in any proceeding by counsel of its choice; the Author may retain additional counsel at his or her own expense.

Terms and Exclusivity

This Agreement is nonexclusive; the Author retains the copyright for this Work and may enter into other publishing agreements. Either party has the option to terminate the Agreement at any time, with or without cause. If the Agreement is terminated by the Author prior to publication, publishing fees less any fees for pre or post publication services such as page layout or any add-on service already fulfilled, will be refunded (or applied against any outstanding amounts in the Author’s account.) If the Agreement is terminated by Aventine Press, all publishing fees will be refunded in full (or applied against any outstanding amounts in the Author’s account). Publication fees are defined as those fees directly associated with disk and/or paper manuscript submission. Fees related to other pre or post publication services, such as data entry, corrections, cover design, image processing, or book sales, are not refundable. Fees for the publication of subsequent editions of the Work are not refundable. If the Agreement is terminated by Aventine Press due to a breach of Agreement by Author, no fees shall be refunded.


All notices to Aventine Press must be sent in writing to its office at:

55 E Emerson Street,
Chula Vista,
CA 91911

All notices to the Author shall be in writing to the address specified by the Author.

Complete Agreement

This written Contract contains the sole and entire Agreement between the parties and shall supersede any and all other prior agreements between the parties. This Agreement may not be modified or amended except in writing signed by the party against whom such modification or amendment is sought to be enforced.

Law and Venue

The laws of the State of California shall govern this Agreement. Recognizing the expense, distraction, and uncertainty resulting from litigation of disputes which may arise under this Agreement, the parties have agreed that except as specifically provided herein, they shall submit any and all disputes arising in any way under this Agreement to the American Arbitration Association for final disposition in accordance with its rules, provided that the Arbitrator shall have no authority to award punitive damages. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to deprive a party of the right to equitable relief in a court of competent jurisdiction respecting rights to its intellectual property or use thereof under this Agreement. Any proceeding under this paragraph shall be brought in the federal or state courts in California. A judgment may be entered in a court of competent jurisdiction based on any award rendered in arbitration or other proceeding conducted by the parties pursuant to this paragraph.




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