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Publishing your book with Aventine Press is easy!

If you intend to submit your order form by mail:

First, you'll want to download and print our Order Form PDF (*PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader).

You'll record your template choices and any add-on services on this form. It's bundled with our Author Agreement, a signed copy of which, must accompany your order along with your submission materials that you send to us. Please make sure that you have read through the instructions for text and image formatting and you have thoroughly proofread your manuscript; it should not require any corrections or alterations when we receive it.

Or order online and start with our basic package:

Custom Cover Design

For that professional, unique look, choose our custom cover designs, created with an edge, specific to your book’s content:

Template Cover Design

Or choose a cover template, and background color (if applicable) for your cover design. Make note of any image size required by the template you choose (you'll need that information to prepare your images for submission), then enter your selections online or on the Order Form.

Choose your interior layout

Choose an interior template and interior font for your book and enter your choices online or on the Order Form.

Prepare your book for submission:

Please submit your entire book in a single word processing file on data CD, data DVD, or USB flash drive, preferably in Microsoft Word (either PC or Macintosh). If you use a different word processor, please save your file in the RTF (Rich Text File) format. If you are using floppy disks and your manuscript is too large to fit on a single floppy disk, please split the file into parts and send multiple disks, labeled with the contents. We can process PC or Mac formatted data CDs or DVDs. Label the disc with your name, telephone number, and the title of your book with a notation if the book is split into parts (for example: "your book's title" part 1 of 3 etc.). Please pack your discs inside protective wrapping or a disc mailer for safety, and be sure not to send the only copies of these discs, your manuscript, or images.

Disc-based images can be sent on CD or DVD, and should have an image resolution of 300 dpi or better. If images are to be included throughout your book, make sure you have carefully identified the locations in the text where they are to be placed. Please do not embed (paste) images into your manuscript.

Formatting your text

Text formatting should be minimal and only done by your word processor's built-in tools. Aventine Press will lay your text out to your specifications and handle formatting for you. If you want a chapter heading centered for example, use your word processor’s built-in centering tool. Any indentation you want in your text should be done with the margin controller.

Please make note of the following before submitting your book:

Where possible, replace underlined text with italicized text.

Tables or charts you wish to include in your book should be correctly sized for our standard 5.5 X 8.5 inch trim size. They should be no larger than 3.75 inches in width by 6.25 inches in height. Odd sized tables or charts may become illegible if it becomes necessary to resize them.

Preparation Tips

  • Do not use Wingdings, symbolic bullets or characters unavailable within the normal character set (this includes symbols of any kind). If you want to bullet any part of your text, do so with standard bullets.
  • Do not use any traditional manuscript format (i.e., your name and the page number on every page). When Aventine Press creates your book's layout, that formatting will be done for you.
  • Your book must be 108 pages or more, roughly 30,000 words.
  • When you wish to begin a new paragraph, just hit the return key and begin your new paragraph.
  • Do not use hard returns (inserting line breaks) in order to try and make each line fit neatly across the width of a page. When Aventine Press creates your book layout, your text will automatically be set to neatly fit within the margins. The attempt to do so manually is not only unnecessary, but it is also counterproductive in that it corrupts the layout design that your book will be created within.

If you plan to include an Index of your book, prepare a list of keywords (up to 50 are included free) and save it as a separate file called “index”. Indexing is upon request only, and is not automatically performed.

Prepare your summaries

Write the following summaries using your word processing program and save them as separate files - for back cover and bookseller website use:

Author's Cover Bio:

100 words or less. A short, one-paragraph description of yourself that will appear on the back cover of your book (or inside flap on hardcover editions).

Book Summary:

100 words or less. A brief and interesting description of your book that will appear on the back cover of your book.

Prepare Your Images

Prepare your images either on disc or hard-copy; please do not send slides. Disc-based images can be sent on CD or DVD, and should have an image resolution of 300 dpi or better. If images are to be included throughout your book, make sure you have carefully identified the locations in the text where they are to be placed. Please do not embed (paste) images into your manuscript as it will corrupt the layout.

Digital images can be color or grayscale and saved as TIFF files in your image processing software. All color images should be CMYK TIFF(.Tiff or .tiff) files for best reproduction. Note: Some color variations between your individual monitor calibration and devices used to reproduce your image(s) will inevitably occur and are beyond our control. If you require more precise color reproduction, you should utilize offset printing techniques.

Make sure the image resolution is at least 300 dpi and that any images intended to go inside your book are sized correctly. Our standard book trim size is 5.5 inches in width by 8.5 inches high, so allowing for page margins, your interior images should be no more than 3.75 inches wide by 6.25 inches tall.

Image preparation tips

  • Save all image files as separate files named consistently for placement in your book. (ex: picture1.tiff, picture2.tiff, etc.)
  • Place a marker in your text to let us know exactly where you would like the image to be placed. (ex: )
  • Make sure any captions for the images are within the text directly following the marker.
  • Do not embed (paste) picture files into the text of your book. Excel slides should be saved as images (TIFF or pict) and sent separately


If you are sending artwork of any kind with your submission, it is recommended that you send your submission via certified mail, UPS, Federal Express or any method that allows your submission to be tracked. Aventine Press suggests you do so even if you are not including artwork with your submission. Any artwork you request be returned to you after book production will be at your own expense.

Place your order online

Visit the order page and purchase applicable services securely via PayPal or credit/debit card:

Or complete, sign and mail in the order form

  • Download and complete the Order Form
  • Fill out all applicable fields, sign and date it.
  • Read and sign the Publishing Agreement.

Prepare your package

Assemble your manuscript, images, completed Publishing Agreement and Order Form and package it securely for mailing to:

Aventine Press

55 E Emerson Street

Chula Vista, CA 91911

We recommend that you send your submission via Priority Mail, UPS, Federal Express or any method that allows your submission to be tracked.

Your submission package should include:

  • A complete and signed Order or Agreement Form.
  • A signed Publishing Agreement.
  • Payment if not using PayPal: Make check payable to Aventine Press or complete the credit card payment section on the Order Form.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • Disc(s) or disk(s) containing your manuscript and images.
  • Hard copy manuscript (if any).
  • Hard copy graphics (if any).

If you have questions or need assistance to complete your submission, please call and speak with a customer service representative toll free at (619) 218-2168, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9am to 5pm Pacific time and Friday 9am to 3pm Pacific time.


Once we receive your order, signed forms, and your submission package we contact you to confirm receipt and provide an estimate completion time.


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requires Adobe Acrobat Reader®

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