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High royalty rate and author friendly contract contribute to this being one of the best POD publishers we have seen. -PublishOnDemand.net This is a cut above any self-publishing that I've seen. -Destinations Booksellers Fantastic turn around times, manage expectations well, produce a quality product, offer competitively priced services. -Gina Greenlee (Author)
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Author friendly self publishing made easy

Aventine Press | Self-Publishing

is fast, easy and affordable for today's author. Aventine Press has helped authors with books that have not been accepted by traditional publishers. Our technology allows you to get your book into print quickly. We distribute your book through Ingram, who provides the industry's largest active book inventory, and making it available for sale quickly as well as achieving high sales ranks with the world's leading booksellers, including Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

By choosing Aventine Press as your book publisher, you join a rapidly growing and innovative group of self-publishing author-entrepreneurs who elect to take control of their own project. You retain all rights to your work and determine the content, style and marketing of your book.

We offer professional self publishing services that include the formatting of your book for publication;

> interior page layout

> book cover design

> indexing

> advanced marketing tools such as website design

These services are individually priced, so you can choose to use them or not at your own discretion or publishing need. No self-publishing company offers the individual author more value for their money or better opportunities for success than today's book publishing company of choice, Aventine Press

Our layout, design and formatting process is the fastest among book publishing companies. In most cases, your book could be published and ready to sell in 3 months.

We store your finished book electronically, and then print any number of copies as you need them or as they sell. This method, called "print on demand" (POD), is both affordable and well-suited to introducing your book to a worldwide audience or even to just printing a few for family, friends, or colleague's. Please note: We will only work with a current United States addresses due to shipping restraints.

More Value, Less Hype

When you do the math and compare, Aventine Press clearly stands apart from the crowd as a self-publishing company. Whether your book is a novel, poetry book, memoir or technical manual, we place your interests first.

Purchase your own title at a discount

Author Discount: Most self-publishing authors purchase numerous copies of their own book for marketing giveaways, reviews, to sell or to distribute to friends and family. Our authors pay only the actual printing and shipping cost plus 13% - with no quantity restrictions and no minimum purchase requirements and also receive printing discounts with orders of 25 or more copies.

Authors may purchase copies of their own title in quantities of 25 to 99 copies to qualify for a 10% printing discount, quantities of 100 to 150 copies to qualify for a discount of 15%, quantities of 151 to 499 copies to qualify for a discount of 25%, quantities of 500 to 999 copies to qualify for a discount of 35%, quantities of 1,000 to 1,499 copies to qualify for a discount of 40% or quantities of 1,500 copies and up for a discount of 45%.

We pay 80% Author Royalties

Author Royalties: Our royalties are paid twice a year and are substantially larger than the royalties paid by most book publishers. We pay you 80% of the sales we actually receive for from sales of printed copies of your book.

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  • Trade Discounts: Some book publishing companies offer booksellers minimal discounts on titles already overpriced for the marketplace, a practice that can doom your book to obscurity. Aventine Press will price your book accordingly and attract booksellers with generous discounts up to 55% off the cover price.

  • Highest Quality: No self-publishing company offers you a higher quality print-on-demand product or faster service and fulfillment. Our trade paperbacks and hardcovers are printed to order usually within 72 hours, using premium quality, acid-free, book-grade crème or white paper stock. (In order for your book to have a spine, we require 108 book pages which calculates to approximately 30,000 words.) Paperback covers are printed on a bright white 80# cover stock and are available in matte or glossy finish.  Hardbacks have cloth covers in either blue or gray with gold leaf title lettering on the spine with a glossy, full color dust jacket.

We're a small book publishing company, but you wouldn't know it by the quality of services we provide or in the results we achieve. We take a personal interest in understanding your goals, then work hard to help you accomplish them. Among independent reviewers, we are ranked among the best book publishers in the industry!

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