Seven: Tales of Terror

Seven: Tales of Terror

Seven: Tales of Terror

by Michael P. Raff

“The Door” – in 1963, two young, Catholic boys, Tommy Stockton and Roger Bartlett, discover an old, locked, metal door hidden beneath a stage in their school auditorium. Tommy suffers through two horrifying nightmares warning him that there is something evil behind it. Roger finds a key to open the door’s padlock and blackmails Tommy into helping him unlock it. When the door is opened, a threat to the entire world is unleashed.

“War Paint” – Lester Farnsworth stays awake all night writing his next grisly screenplay. As he works, the ceramic Indian doll that his late girlfriend hung on a wall seems to be watching him. Annoyed, he tosses it into the trash, and quickly finds himself locked into mortal combat with the deity that controls the doll.

“Melissa’s Brood” – Kenny Spencer, a wealthy entrepreneur begins his Saturday night rounds, searching for the perfect one night stand. He finds Melissa Morgan, a mysterious and voluptuous woman. What Kenny is about to discover, is that Melissa is a modern-day witch who along with her army of cats, have selected him for a most dubious honor.

“The Bog” – Brad Hillman leads his friend Harold Richards, a homicide detective, to the ominous bog in his backyard. He tells him that this is where his son, Bobby, was murdered. His friend insists on hearing the entire story, and Brad relates how in the last few weeks, the bog has murdered nearly everyone that has ventured near it. When Harold verbalizes doubts about his friend’s sanity, the bog’s deadly secret lashes out.

“Spectrophobia” – Much to Lisa dismay, her husband Jason will not live in a house with mirrors. After she insists on bringing one home, Jason relives the horrors of his childhood; of how “mirror creatures” have terrorized him for decades. When he documents these events to a disbelieving Lisa, she still hangs the mirror in their bedroom. Their chances for survival are minimal at best.

“Bed Thirteen” – Mary Elizabeth Dawson is a registered nurse who works alone at night with thirty profoundly disabled patients. As soon as she enters Ward 220, a mysterious voice from an unseen source beckons her. It just so happens that Mary is an extremely bitter, and neglectful person, and as she reflects upon her existence, three malignant spirits rise up from the dead to extract a horrifying revenge.

“The Last Rites of Simon Petcova – Almost as soon as Father Randal Manacheck has a foreboding premonition, he is summoned to deliver Simon Petcova’s last rites. Everything seems wrong to the young, Catholic priest as he enters the man’s bedroom. Dying of emphysema, Petcova claims to be the murderer of hundreds of innocent people, and as the old man relates his tale of castles, vampires, and bloodletting, the priest must decide how he could ever hope to save his soul.


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